As an alumni of the class of 2014, the first graduating 5th grade class, I can proudly declare that it is an illustrious school that enables a student perform above and beyond their previous perception of their potential. I attended this prominent school from Nursery 2 through 5th grade. COFCS instills character, integrity, responsibility, respect, humility, and many more desirable attributes into a student while still prioritizing God and the things of God. The faculty, teachers, and staff at this school cannot be compared to any others. I can attest to the fact that they create a nurturing and enriching environment. This school was so loving and united that I can recall the name of every teacher, volunteer, and staff member that worked at this school throughout my respective time there. The teachers at COFCS do not teach the students material for a test but rather for understanding, which is not the case in public schooling. The administration more specifically Bishop Reid the Director is very selfless, devoted, interactive with, and available to his students. The form of excellence and persistence that was instilled in me at COFCS has been one that is commendable by my current teachers and fellow peers. Various people have been astonished by the fact that I have been continuously and fluently writing in both cursive and print since the tender age of three (3). Throughout my transition to public school my teachers were pleasantly surprised by my reading level. COFCS believes in being well-rounded. They pushed for excellence in academics as well as extracurricular. Without this push I would not have been introduced to my passion. Music is something I have always loved but never considered in the aspects offered at COFCS. For these various rationales I am grateful that my parents sacrificed their time considering I do not live in close proximity to this school. If you feel compelled to lay a strong foundation for your child do not hesitate to enroll your child into the most eminent City of Faith Christian School.

Nina Williams (6-19-2018)

Parent of an Alumnus

City of Faith Christian School was a perfect match for my child! My son started at age 3 and stayed there until he graduated from Grade 5. It was a pleasure to see my 3-year-old wake up on school days and be excited about going to school! It was all about his teachers. Over the years, he gained so much confidence and the ability to build positive relationships with kids his age.

Academically, I was amazed at how well he was doing. He started reading and writing at the age of 4, in his second year at the school. My son was eager to learn and that was very important to me. He consistently achieved academic excellence in Math, Reading and Bible Knowledge.

I must commend the teachers and other members of staff for maintaining high levels of respect, dedication and professionalism. For simply, encouraging each child to do their best and creating a safe environment. My son and I are blessed to have found this school. I thank the leadership of City of Faith Christian School for maintaining Christian values. Exceptional place for nurturing young minds.

Janice Downer-Miller (6-20-2018)