Faith-Based Learning


Principal's Welcome Message

It is a great joy and privilege to have you partnering with us for the ensuing school year. We welcome all students back to our school – “A home away from home.” We are excited to work with you in preparing you for life. Our commitment is, as always, to continue to ensure that all our students maximize their potential. We do so by creating a loving, peaceful atmosphere conducive for exploration and an exciting teaching/learning milieu. We are excited to have you here.

Our committed, caring Christian teachers and staff are ready to facilitate your eager minds by guiding the process of developing your full potential. We love to teach and we are thrilled that you are eager to learn. Therefore, let’s grow together for the glory of God and the advancement of society.

Interactive Learning

Challenging students in all domains. Facilitators use all teaching tools, styles and methods (teaching around the wheel) to help the young minds to grow; developing a generation of godly leaders. 

Critical Thinking

Fostering an environment in which students develop ideas and effectively metacognize, making full use of all mental powers to be used of God.

Dynamic Emerging Literacy

Discovery method helps to cement ownership of one’s knowledge; exploring His world throughall the senses. Students are encouraged to be an active part of constructing their own learning –lifelong learners.

Collaborative Experiences

We all belong here. Together we motivate each other to reach maximum potentials, celebrating our individuality while giving testimony of our unity in Christ.