Here at the City of Faith Christian School, we believe that students learn best when trust is fostered between the teacher and the student, coupled with an understanding of the student’s individual learning style and motivation. For this reason, we structure our program by providing open-ended problems that require and cultivate concept building and self-directedness.

All students are given equal opportunity to learn and grow. Attention is given to multiple intelligence strategies that will accommodate each student’s learning style. A rich variety of manipulative and informational resources are made available to our students so that they can explore and construct their own knowledge.

The supportive environment here at City of Faith Christian School encourages our students to feel loved and accepted. We also rely on an effective partnership forged between the school, parents and professionals in the field, to facilitate a smooth flow of information and remain abreast with current trends in education.

The basic instructional approach to learning will be that of individualized instruction. Individualized instruction is the process of providing each student with the most appropriate learning task at a given point in time and with a given set of available resources. Other modes of instruction will be used (small groups and lecture) as the teacher determines them to be appropriate.


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