Dress Code

A student’s appearance reflects the impression that formal learning is important enough to call for precision in neatness and in dress.Style of clothing indicates a serious academic purpose on the part of the student. Our standards for dress and grooming are in keeping with the high Christian ideals that we seek to establish in those attending our school. Some of the reasons for adopting a uniform dress code are as follows:

  1. It encourages stronger discipline and better focus on academics
  2. It helps to improve a student’s self-image
  3. It reduces yearly clothing costs.
  4. It eliminates the daily decision of what to wear.
  5. It eliminates competition in dress between potential social climbers.
  6. It standardizes and neutralizes externals while enhancing individualization of internal values.
  7. It provides identification with helps to build school spirit.

Please ensure that your child/children report to school in the proper uniform. Uniform must be worn every day except on Dress Down Days or when the child is having a birthday, no exception.

Our school uniform consists of the following:

Boys: Sky-blue shirt, navy blue tie and pants, and navy socks with black shoes.

Girls: Sky-blue blouse, navy blue tie and navy blue dress (knee length), and navy blue socks with black shoes

There is no uniform requirement during the summer.

In addition to the uniform, boys must have their hair cut short and regular. No braids, designs, mohawks or pony-tails. Also, the wearing of jewelry is not permitted since it can prove harmful during play-time and nap-time.

Gym Uniform

Our gym uniform consists of the following:

Boys: Navy blue school sweatshirt or navy blue school t-shirt and navy blue sweatpants.

Girls: Navy blue school sweatshirt or navy blue school t-shirt and navy blue skort.

The school sweatshirt and t-shirt are available for purchase at the school.