• After School Programs

Students receive academic enrichment through homework help and class reviews from teachers.Students also enjoy various activities that will stimulate their creativity and challenge their cognitive abilities. This is done through painting, singing, math pattern solving and various kinds of puzzles. They also learn life skills such as etiquette, baking and making an assortment of delicious, healthy snacks.They enjoy also various physical and recreational activities such as racing, bowling and basketball.

  • Music Program

Students enrolled in K5 and upward can sign up for music lessons on Tuesday between 4:00 pm and 6:00
pm. Special lessons are also available on Saturday. Instruments taught include keyboard, saxophone,
guitar, drums and recorder.

  • Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day is traditionally held during the month of June at Pelham Bay Park. For this event,
students and staff members are divided into three teams: Red (Love), Blue (Courage) and Yellow (Hope).
The students are then involved in a series of races including the egg & spoon race, the potato race and
relay. Along with testing their physical abilities, they are also tested mentally with races such as the
math race, the phonics race and the spelling race. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend this
event to cheer on their child/children.

  • Field Trips

Field trips are planned for their educational value. Notes giving details of the trip will be sent home with a
permission slip. It is essential that parents sign this permission slip and return it to the school. No student
will be permitted to go on a trip without this permission slip being on file in the office.

Parents are normally be invited to participate in field trips, but it should be understood that the supervision
of the students is the responsibility of the teachers and they will retain full right to exercise authority in the
administration of supervisory and disciplinary measures.

  • Birthdays

City of Faith Christian School permits and encourages parents/guardians to hold their child’s birthday
party at the school. This gives us the privilege of corporate celebration. Birthday celebrations are
regularly done during school lunch hours on a Friday. Our birthday routine consists of the “Birthday
Song”, a song of affirmation, the cutting of the cake and the blowing out of candles.

  • School Choir

Our school choir consists of students within every grade level. They meet regularly within school hours
for rehearsal and render selections in many of our school special events. These include our Annual
Graduation, Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

Upcoming Events